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Cycles "CORRE & C" te Rueil

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AUTOMOBILES CORRE, avait tenté seul, et provisoirement réussi une aventure de constructeur automobile à partentiére, en produisant, de 1901 á 1906 près de 1100 voitures  légères, dont certains composants ou concepts perdurént quelques années sur les premières 'Licorne'.

Dans 1906, Corre a construit A Mis le gravier ensemble un 10,6 véhicule de course de litre avec son stagiaire Waldemar Lestienne pour le Prix, mais il a voulu ne pas l'asseoir soi voyager. Pour qu'ayez raisonner il a eu prépare coureur trouvé Pierre d › Coulomb de Hespel et bijrijder. Waldemar Lestienne a eu comme un heraldisch calcule un eenhoorn dans son arme de famille. Dans le français « Licorne de Tiroir » Ceci les a provoqué l'idée cet animal de mytische puissant pour traiter dans l'emblème qui sur le radiateur viendrait de leur voiture de course. Dans 1906, ils ont conçu le correct C1
Corre 1904
system Renault with engine de Dion-Bouton
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Corre & Cie 204-206 Avenue de Paris "Rueil" Paris

Corre & Cie

coureur Pierre d'Hespel
4 cylindres,graissage sous pression,3 vitesses avant, 1 marche arrière,allumage électrique, 80km/h
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Corre 1905 type G
Corre 1905 type F
Fouillaron-Corre monocylindre 1899
Corre type F - 4 cylinders - 1904
Corre & Cie:  1894-1898
G.Fouillaron: 1898-1901 (directeur Corre)
Corre:           1901-1907
Corre & Cie:  1907-1915
Cyclist Jean Marie Corre founded in 1901 in Levallois-Perret ( a district in Paris) The Société Française des Automobiles Corre, and started production with motor tricycles and quadricycles.
Corre that fierce cyclist wash built from 1895 bicycles.  He introduced during the tour the France a bicycle frame with an aluminum alloy.  In 1898 busy with the building of a quadricycles car with in that a motor of Dion-Bouton was Louis Renault that was not in the back but in front placed.  Until angrynes of Renault its creation was imitated already fast by Dion-Bouton.  Corre sold these cars of Dion-Bouton in that year.  In 1899, he began with the production of different three and quadricycles with 1 cylinder motors of Dion-Bouton.  The Dion furnished in that time motors at and large number fabricanten of tricycles.  Ballot and Chapuis-Dornier sold also motors at Corre.  From 1901 were the cars of Corre almost identical at the Renaults from that time.  They used 1 cylinder 3 PK Dion Bouton motors that stood in front in the chassis.  In 1904, the firm a 8 PK 1 cylinder and a 10 PK 2 cylinder offered exemplarily on, both with Dion Bouton motors.  Furthermore was a 4 cylinder of 16 PK of Aster liver bar.
They also used SCAP motors on their models.
Corre 1905 type F
Corre 1905 type G
Fouillaron-Corre 1899
Fouillaron-Corre 1899 Jean Marie Corre a volant
Corre & Cie
1906 Corre Model J Coupé
Bellegarde-sur-Valserine - Rue Joseph Marion 1905
Bellegarde-sur-Valserine - Rue Joseph Marion 2013
Corre  type "Voiture Legere" - 1901-1902
rue de Villiers - 2013
First introduced in 1894/1895, the De Dion tricycle was very popular and by early 1899 over 14,000 units, worldwide, had been sold.
Jean Marie CORRE 'Le Moustache' 1864 - 1915
First name:  Jean-marie
last Name:  Corre
Nationality:  Frenchman
birth date:  21-06-1864
Birthplace:  Tremel,
Bretagne France
Passed away:  18-09-1915

Cyclist:  1891-1895
bicycle maker: 
1895-1901 at Paris
1908-1914 at Rueil
car builder:  1901-1914
le Tour
Racer cyclist fine of the 19th century, John CORRE constructs cars from 1901 in his proper nouns after working with FOUILLARON.  In 1907 the family LESTIENNE (cloth merchant of the North) buys to Corre his corporation and uses the coats of arms of the family to reappoint the Corporation that becomes CORRE IT UNICORN.  (Corre continues to produce some car ones under his name up to 1913) In the years 20 the Corporation CORRE - THE UNICORN is at his apogee. She produces very numerous renowned models for their reliability.  In the years 30 the economical crisis prevents for him to perfect again motors. She turns herself towards CITROËN that sells to him motors but also cash registers of Traction that become.  .  .. Propulsions.  During the 2nd World War some electric models are products on bases UNICORN.  Forgotten by the Plan PONS, the Brand THE UNICORN has well evil to redemarrer so much more than Citroen done not furnish for him more motors.  In 1949 this is the production end.  During these 50 years of life it was
produced about 37000 vehicles
Corre & Cie 1894 - 1898
Corre 1905 type F
Corre type G 1905
Gustave Fouillaron
(directeur Corre)

1902 - 1903
Corre type G - 1905
Corre type G - 1905

Joseph Collomb
CYCLES CORRE 259 Boulevard Pereire Paris

Automobiles "Corre" La Licorne 5 rue Adolphe Lalyre Courbevoie Paris    1901-1949
"Société Française des Automobiles CORRE"

at the
de France
Mildé Krieger

259 Boulevard Pereire Paris
Corre 'Voiture Legere" 6 pk. 1901 nr.11 - kleur: blauw ( Uden - Nederland )
Corre 'Voiturette" 1901
Corre présente son premier Type E 'Legere' aux Mines le 28-05-1901
Corre 'Voiturette" 1901
Corre 'Voiture Legere"  3pk. 1901
Corre 1890 - 1893
CYCLES Raleigh 27 avenue de la Grande Armee - Paris

The history of the Avenue Paul Doumer Rueil Malmaison

In 1680, the road to Paris to chausée and Marly was previously the crossing of a Roman road, itself borrowed the plot of a Gallic way.
This vital artery of the city will become over the diet changes: Royal Route, Imperial Highway and National Highway No. 13.
In 1841, the Royal Road No. 13 takes the street name of Paris, on the part of the axis that crosses Rueil Malmaison. In 1855, she became the avenue of Paris. Then in 1932, Avenue Paul Doumer.
type F